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Month: January 2017

Ensuring Cosmetic Formulation Stability

As a contract manufacturer of skincare products, AUS Cosmetics considers it important to test the manufacturing methods and product formulations provided by the companies they deal with prior to getting involved in the mass manufacture of the product. Having got the data from your company, they conduct the required tests in their laboratory to get the trustworthy results. They may also send a product sample they will avail after the series of lab experiments to their contractors for further evaluation.

To make the products working, it’s essential to get reliable, powerful and lab tested formulas provided by a company responsible for their development. This is where the help of an experienced and knowledgeable formulation chemist may be required. The ASCC website offers the list of reliable formulators at their website. As soon as the formula is developed and lab tested, the product can be put into mass manufacture to be further released to the market. The importance of this step should not be underestimated, because low quality of skincare products may have negative effect upon your company reputation.

Top Services Cosmetic Manufacturers Provide

To prevent the risks associated with formulation problems, formulators can make use of the following tests:

  • a preservative efficacy test
  • a stability test

The first type of a test is needed to make sure the preservatives selected for a certain  product work well when protecting it from the spread of bacteria, fungi and mould. If any of these problems are detected, the product may be recalled from the manufacture.

The second test type implies the choice of the right product packaging. This step should be preliminary discussed and coordinated with a formulator, laboratory responsible for conducting the test and a supplier of packaging materials.

Both tests are not free, of course, but additional financial investments are important here and worth the result. In many cases, they help detect various problems associated with the formulation or packaging, thus minimizing or avoiding corresponding risks.

Another way to protect your business from failures is to insure the product after its manufacture. As soon as the formula is thoroughly tested and the product is ready to be spread in the market, you may ask a company for a free quote. The range of products that can be insured before being introduced at the market is extensive and enlists the following:

  • Hair care products
  • Body care solutions
  • Skin care options
  • Facial care products etc.
  • Cosmetic Manufacturing Basics

The process of cosmetic manufacturing is responsible, time taking and complex. It involves the following stages:

  • Product formulation
  • Manufacture
  • Fill and pack
  • Store and dispatch

Each stage involves certain steps, which follow each other and eventually trigger the expected result. Thus, the major objective of the formulation stage is to make sure that the quality, properties, texture, color, aroma and the look of the product correspond to its efficacy and adhere to the needs of customers. During this stage, a series of tests are held in a laboratory to check whether the product is ready for the manufacture. The major tests held on this stage are microbiological, preservative efficacy and stability tests.

Right after the product is tested in a lab, it can be put into manufacture.  AUS Cosmetics experts know how quickly the manufacturing techniques change nowadays. That is why, they try their best effort to keep up with modern innovations and techniques. By traveling the world and exploring the market, they find out new technologies that are used by the global cosmetic manufacturers and implement them into the manufacturing process.

The manufacture stage is then followed by the filling and packing procedure. On this stage, newly manufactured products are packed into versatile containers, the choice of which is done with regard to the type of the product, its storage properties and characteristics. The most widely used packaging materials include:

  • tubes
  • bottles
  • pumps
  • sachets
  • jars etc.

As soon as the product is packed, it is placed into carton boxes for safe storage and better maintenance. This stage is also done and supervised by the specialists of the company, whose task is to make sure that the products are ready for further store and dispatch procedures.

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5 Tips for Your Next Fort Lauderdale Trip

Whether you are planning your first trip to Fort Lauderdale, FL or you’ve been coming here for years, you can make your next trip a lot better with a little planning.

Book Your Airport Shuttle in Advance

You don’t want to start your next trip by waiting at the airport for your ride.  A great trip starts with a smooth arrival and quick pick up so you’re on your way to your destination in a clean, professional.   Take the time to book your Fort Lauderdale airport shuttle in advance to get your next trip to the area off to a smooth start.  When you arrive at the airport and your shuttle or limo is waiting, you will breathe a sigh of relief and head off to your hotel with smile on your face.

Find Deals for Favorite Places

You want to start your planning for your next trip to Fort Lauderdale with an online search for deals in the area.  The Greater Fort Lauderdale Convention & Visitors Bureau is continually adding new deals on vacation packages and attractions in the area.  You can always check sites like GroupOn and other daily deal sites for area specific deals.

Take a Class

Many people think of vacations as a time to relax and get away from work.  However, you can add a lot of enjoyment and satisfaction to your trip and life by continuing to build your interests and hobbies by taking a class.  Miami has tons of great classes in so many exciting different arts, dancing, and sports.  Whether you are thinking about scuba diving or you want to learn how to salsa dance, you can find a great class with lots of fun people.

Make Time for the Beach

Everyone knows that Miami is filled with beautiful beaches so it doesn’t seem like a stretch to advise making time for the beach.  To mix it up on this trip, find a new beach or a little known beach and explore for a day.  Get away from the rush of the city and enjoy a full day of stress-free beach living.  Pack a picnic and enjoy some food and drinks with your family and friends.  Spend some time in the sun and take a swim in the warm waters.  That’s how you truly unwind in Miami.

Experiment with New Restaurants

It is normal to feel the urge to go back to your favorite restaurants every time you travel back to Fort Lauderdale.  Make this trip the time that you break the streak and find some great new places to eat. There’s a diverse offering of food types that anyone can find a new place they love.  Check out Alter in Wynwood for a fun, hipster restaurant with great cuisine inspired by Florida.  The Eating House offers lots of tasty dishes and incredible desserts.  Joe’s Stone Crab is a main-stay for fantastic seafood.  It’s an even better idea to enjoy the great weather and explore the city on foot to find great new places to eat.

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Get the Look You Need For Your Brand

The corporate world is currently living through a hyper-visual age. More than ever before, businesses are being viewed from all observable angles. It is no longer enough just to have a great product. You need to be charming on social media, have a strong web presence, and be able to sustain an engaging brand narrative.

While good branding has always been the cornerstone of success for commercial enterprises, it now extends beyond the ‘public face’ of a business. The increasing popularity of corporate architecture and bespoke office design is evidence of this. Customers want to see inside your world, so you need a workspace which reflects the core values of the company.

This guide to the benefits of flexible office rentals will explain why serviced suites are the best choice for modern businesses.

Attractive, Appealing Interior Design

The great thing about renting a fully equipped office suite is the fact that you can move your team in right away. You can, of course, change the existing layout and bring in new furniture and décor if it suits, but you don’t have to. For instance, the office space rentals from Servcorp come complete with everything that a business needs to start operating immediately.

This includes comfortable furniture, high-speed broadband, receptionist services, a cleaner, heating and air conditioning, a mail address, and much more. There’s no getting around the fact that interior design is very important for modern businesses. However, you can put yours in the hands of the experts and save yourself the time by renting a ‘ready to go’ workspace.

Location Prejudice Can Be an Asset

The term ‘location prejudice’ refers to the tendency of investors and clients to pick partners based on their corporate address. For smaller companies and entrepreneurs, it can be an obstacle, because it is not always possible to secure a great office address early on. Fortunately, with a serviced office, the impossible is made easy.

As serviced suites are offered as flexible leases, with customisable resources, smaller businesses can pick the rates and resources which best suit their needs. They don’t have to commit to a potentially very costly lock in lease, but they can still enjoy the benefits of a prestigious location. This is great for branding, as a prestigious corporate address (such as the World Trade Center, in Manhattan) associates companies with success.

A Great Office Supports Workplace Culture

One benefit of flexible offices which is often overlooked is that they can be a real boon for workplace culture and internal relations. When your employees are happy, your brand gets stronger, because you can use the team as a marketable asset. Contemporary consumers want to know about the inside story of their favourite brands. They want to be able to put faces to the company name.

They want to know what it must be like to work for your business. This is something which Google does wonderfully, for example, with its super friendly, brightly coloured corporate workspaces. Serviced offices are a great resource because they put all of the tools that you need right at your disposal. So, the team can spend less time worrying about the basics and more time building up the brand.

Why Office Design, Location, and Architecture Are Important

The most successful companies are those which can offer consumers a story, something which is more than just a transaction. This is why social media is such an influential tool. It brings brands closer to the people that they serve. It is important for this story to feel whole and cohesive, and your workspace should be part of the narrative.

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Cost Effective Legal Support For Your Small Business

When cash flow is tight, spending money on reducing the probability of something happening in the future seems less important than spending the money on running the business today. However, entrepreneurs who fail to handle legal matters before they grow are setting themselves up for huge problems in future. Professional legal advice is expensive, but there are ways to reduce spending on getting the legal tasks in your new business done.

Online legal advice from a trustworthy source

Seeking online legal advice from companies such as Lawbite will prove more cost effective than hiring a solicitor from a traditional law firm. Using an online platform to access good legal advice cuts out the unnecessary costs of a high-street solicitor.

Online legal advice from a reputable source is also more likely to be specialised. A high-street solicitor is unlikely to be a specialist in more than a few areas of business law. If the solicitor is not a specialist in the area you require help in, the work will take longer and will be more expensive.

Limit the scope of work

Small business owners can ask for a fixed fee for the work required, so that it is possible to plan their cash flow and to make sure that costs will not escalate. It is important to be clear on what it is exactly that you require. Extras, such as telephone calls, or letters to potentially interested third parties can increase costs without any benefit to your business. When you have assessed the scope of work you want carried out, put it all down in writing.

Do your homework

A good lawyer is invaluable for unusual or complex situations, but there are many instances where you can save money by researching topics yourself beforehand.

There is a wealth of good online legal advice and good information about the law on the Internet, such as from the government website Taking up less of your lawyer’s time means you will spend less, so a little reading about the basic subject can save a hundred pounds on lawyers’ fees to explain the same background material to you.

Draft your own business contracts

Online legal advice also extends to document templates. Using a solicitor is not a necessary element to make a document legally binding; rather it is the circumstances of the deal itself. You can edit a legal document template yourself to draft a legally binding document, and use a lawyer to review it, rather than drawing it up from scratch.

There are many ways of obtaining cost effective legal support without spending huge amounts of money on solicitors. Professional help is worth paying for in certain circumstances, but you can save money by knowing when you don’t need to do so.

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