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The perfect guide on how to get your biker style on!

Whenever you think about bikes and the people who ride these big Harleys and heavy bikes, there is a certain type of image that comes to the mind. If  you are thinking about what a biker girl looks like, then think this: leather, black and studs. That is something that you will find is the most common in the biker chick style club. It can be that this is a kind of stereotype, but this is how most people like to carry their biker style.

So, if you are deciding to score some points on how to carry your biker style then here are some ideas to help you out.

Black is your color:

The biker style is all about looking edgy, sexy with a hint of dark and dangerous. The one way you can achieve all that is by making black your main color. Black is elegant, it’s sexy and it’s also dangerous. So, one thing that your biker style must always include is the appearance of a lot of black color.

Leather jackets:

Leather jackets are kind of your identity when you are riding a bike and you are carrying the look to perfection. There are so many different styles of motorcycle jackets available for both men and women. You can also try the jean jackets and carry it with black leather pants. However, a classic black leather jacket is the best that you can do to achieve the biker style look.

Gloves and helmet:

You do not get to ride a bike without the proper bike gear on. So, make sure that you get the gloves that suit your style and the season. Also a helmet is super necessary as well. There are so many helmets that are dainty and sexy looking enough that a woman biker can wear it and still look edgy. The HJC Helmets that you can get from this website here: Viper helmets are known for their quality and style.

Baggy jeans:

Most people who ride motorbikes and carry the biker look are seen wearing different styles of black leather pants. However, you can carry the same image by wearing some baggy jeans as well. Just pair it up with a crop top and some big sole boots.

Statement shoes:

People with bikes always wear the most killer shoes ever. This is why you need to get yourself some doc martens and cage heels. They look super edgy and you can easily carry the whole look by wearing a vintage shirt, with black leather pants and jacket and some killer heels..A lot of women also like to wear spiked heels to take the whole biker look up a notch.

Studded everything:

When you are going for the biker style look, you should know that studs are always the thing to go for. That means studded shoes, studded nags, studded jackets and what not. Studs give you the edgiest look that the biker style is all about.



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