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Top Tips for Hiring your Cleaning Dream Team

Whether you’re an employer working from commercial premises, or just a small start-up, it’s your responsibility to make sure your staff are working within a safe and clean environment.  You might have the most high tech coffee machine or on site fitness facilities, but none of this will matter if your carpets smell, your offices are dirty, and your toilets are a health hazard!

Good office cleaning is a must to ensure the health of the employees within your company.  Eradicating nasty bacteria and germs means that your staff have a much reduced chance of picking up coughs and colds, and less illness means greater productivity.

Most Commercial Cleaning Companies pick up the majority of their business on the internet.  They also all have a similar work ethos, promising to keep your premises in tip top condition, akin to the photos on their websites, should they win your business.  So how do you choose the right cleaning company for you and your business premises?  After all, you need to be sure that the company you choose is reliable and trustworthy, and actually does the job you’re paying them for, and not eating the company cookies, and using the phones to call relatives living on the other side of the world before their shift is over!

Here are some tips to keep in mind.

  1. Word of mouth. Ask around, and listen to recommendations of other nearby businesses.  Their standards are likely to be similar to yours.
  1. Check out their client list. If there are reputable businesses listed, then there’s a good chance that they’ll be right for you too.
  1. Set a probation period. Make sure that a trial period is written into your contract so that you’re not signed up to a contractor that might not be suitable, for the next 2 years.  If they don’t work out, then you can terminate legally without any hassle.
  1. Only hire professional companies. Check their credentials and accreditations.  Make sure they can deliver what they promise, particularly in regard to supply of janitorial products and the like.  Question their training and vetting procedures in regard to their staff, and ask about having a confidentiality clause written into any contract that you offer them.
  1. Make your expectations clear. Ask for a manager to handle things, that way you’ll be sure dealing with somebody that knows your premises, understands your requirements and will be easily contactable should any issues arise.  They in turn will realise that you will be checking standards daily, and so will urge their staff to get things right first time!
  1. Extend the hand of friendship. Get to know your cleaner a little.  They are bound to work to the very highest standard if they feel appreciated, and it might be prudent to tell your staff to do the same.
  1. Start as you mean to go on! Treat your cleaning contractor like any other supplier.  It’s not too much to expect the highest standards; they work for you, and rely on your goodwill and recommendation to secure further business, so it’s in their best interest to provide and deliver a premium service!




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