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How to Choose eCommerce Shopping Carts: a Guide for Newbies

If you’ve opened an online store, then you probably have explored shopping cart services. A good eCommerce shopping cart makes or breaks an online store. Here are some important options to consider when choosing a shopping cart for your website.

First, you can choose between the hosting service or self-hosting for the shopping cart. With the first option, your website’s hosting service maintains the shopping cart. This is usually easier for novices, but there are drawbacks. A hosting service may only handle basic things like payments and calculating costs. It can also be more costly in the long-term. Another option is to use self-hosting. This is when you purchase the eCommerce cart software yourself. This requires some technical knowledge, but it is more customizable.

The next thing to consider with a shopping cart is the use of content, says SecureNetShop. Some of the best shopping carts allow you to upload multiple images of products. There are also other carts that provide customer reviews, which helps persuade customers to buy. For a truly beneficial experience, it would be wise to seek a shopping cart that integrates with landing pages and can upsell by offering recommended products to customers.

Finally, when selecting a shopping cart eCommerce software, make sure that it offers superior technology. Innovative shopping carts help with search engine optimization meta tags and they offer RSS feed integration. It would also be wise to use a shopping cart that handles coupon codes.


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