How to Get Business From Social Networking

Social networking a.k.a. the likes of Twitter, Facebook, Ecademy, LinkedIn and so on have become the new marketing buzzwords. Everyone is interested in finding out about them and knowing how to use them to get business in through the door.

So, if you’re interested and want to use them in your business, where should you start? Here’s my top ten tips:

1) Don’t expect to see clients immediately. Social networking is a long term strategy. It’s about relationship building. The more people see you adding information and content to online networking sites, the more people will get to know you and want to do business with you.

2) New social networking sites are springing up all the time, so don’t expect to keep up with all of them. Choose 3-4 to keep on top of and work on these. That means setting up your profile and regular posting on there so that people can get to know you.

3) Write a generic profile of your business and about you on Word and then use it on all of the social networking sites you’re going to try out. That way, if you get invited to start using another one, your profile is already written.

4) Link your social networking sites as much as possible. By that I mean, use sites like to help you manage all of your sites. That way, you can post on one site i.e. Twitter and have the content automatically sent to all of the other social networking sites you’re using.

5) Write as much content as you can. Put your articles on there, give your opinion or views on topics and write down tips. You can write absolutely anything on social networking sites, so get creative.

6) Write as often as you can. It’s no good setting everything up and then ignoring it. For social networking to work for you people have to get to know you and that means you need to write as often as you can i.e. at least once a day.

7) Use tools like to set up posts in advance. That way, even if you can’t physically post something, packages like this will do it for you.

8) Remember to find out about other people. It’s not just all about you. Contact some of the people that request you add them as friends and find out about them. The more you build that relationship, the more likely it is that people will want to do business with you.

9) Very often on social networking sites, groups of like-minded individuals and businesses have been set up. That means it’s easy to find all the people interested in what you do. Join these groups and start participating. You never know what could happen.

10) Finally, please be careful out there. Remember that anyone can write anything on the web, so although you may be genuine, the person you’re communicating with may not be. Take extra care when doing business on the internet.

Get Busy Living YOUR Life

“Many people die with the music still in them”

This statement was made by Oliver Wendall Holmes many years ago but I believe it is just as relevant today. Too many of us go through life, working in jobs that don’t satisfy us (and sometimes even hate). Too many of us have HUGE talents lying dormant within us that we never use. Too many of us have BIG dreams that never see the light of day.

My advice to you is to get busy living YOUR life. Get busy doing the things that you were born to do. I believe that we all come into this life with special God-given gifts and talents, and it is our role in life to use them to the best of our abilities for the benefit of ourselves and those around us. Too many people are waiting for the perfect conditions before they get started. How many times have you heard people say (or have you said):

“When I have the money I will…”
“When I have paid off the mortgage I will…”
“One day I am going to…”
“When the kids are older I will…”
“If the boss treats me like that one more time I will…”

The list is endless and you can fill in the gaps.

The reality is that the perfect conditions will never come. There will never be a time when everything is just right. Sometimes you have to take a risk, make plans, and just get busy living the life YOU were born to live.

I heard someone relating a story where they were helping clean out the belongings of a lady that had recently died. The deceased lady was a creative person who always had the dream of writing a book. In cleaning out her belongings, they discovered a half written manuscript of the book she had planned to write but never finished. She had spoken about it for years but never got around to finishing it. ‘Things’ just got in the way.

In hearing that story I was so sad for her. Not the fact that she had passed away, as sad as that was, I was sad that the book will never get finished. I have no doubt that it was a part of her mission in life to write that book. She sadly missed her opportunity. The world has missed out. All of us missed out. She had the gifts and abilities to write the book, she had valuable wisdom to pass on, but she didn’t make the time to turn it into reality.

I went through a similar journey and could have easily gone to the grave with someone sorting through my belongings and finding a half written book. I had a dream to write a book to encourage people to find what they were born to do and then get busy making it happen. I procrastinated for years with ideas for the book written on scraps of paper around my desk. I was secure in a job, with a family to provide for and a mortgage and bills to pay. I was waiting for ‘just the right time’ before moving ahead with my dreams. I had skills and talents buried deep inside that were lying idle.

In December 2008, I took a risk, left my secure job, and set up my company Competitive Greatness Training which has the mission of ‘Adding Value to People’ and ‘Making a Difference’. In October 2011, I released my published book Born for This. I decided to get busy living MY life and now I do it every day.

What about you? Have you got ‘music’ in you to share with the world? Are you waiting for everything to be just right before moving forward to your adventure of a lifetime?

Get busy living life and you will be able to get up every day and say I was Born for This.

If you don’t know how to start, feel free to look through my resources. I have been down the path and now I am leaving a track for you to follow. If you can’t find the resources you need, send me an email and I will find them for you.

Enjoy the journey.

Live with passion.

How You Can Get Business Credit Cards Even With Bad Credit

A business or a corporate credit card can help you obtain the buying power you need to run your company and keep your business’s expenses on track. Some cards also reward you in the form of cash back or airline miles for all your business purchases. While the business lending landscape has been constantly improving over the past few years, it is still challenging for companies that have less than stellar credit histories to obtain credit. Many banks are not willing to provide loans to business owners who have bad credit scores. Here is everything you need to know about getting business credit cards with bad credit.

Advantages of bad credit business credit cards

There are several advantages of such cards including, avoiding mix-up of personal and business transactions, easy management of employee spending, easy itemization of business expenditures, a good start for establishing excellent business credit, and huge discounts!

Budding entrepreneurs with bad credit usually hesitate to apply for a corporate credit card and small business loans. They believe that their poor credit history may be a stumbling block in their path to obtain corporate credit. However, there are still a wide variety of options available if you’re an entrepreneur with bad credit.

Apply for bad credit business credit cards at your own financial institution

You don’t have to go elsewhere to apply for your card. Consider applying at your existing financial institutions and banks. This will help you speed up the loan approval process. Your bank already has access to your financial records on file and they might consider your application despite your bad status.

Stick with one card company

There may be several offers, but it is always best to avoid card hopping and stick with one card company while you are trying to build your credit history. Do not sign up for multiple card offers in haste; this will not only make it complicated for you to manage your finances, but will also impact your credit score negatively.

Keep all your financial documents ready

Despite your poor credit status, the chances of you getting a business credit card are high if you can present the documents that will testify to your company’s financial stability. You can submit updated balance sheets and income statements together with your application form.

Establish a Separate Credit Line

Establishing a separate business credit that is different from one’s personal line is a logical way for entrepreneurs with bad credit. You can start by creating your own business credit account and by paying all your business bills on time. Ask your business credit card company if they provide financial reports to credit bureaus. And if they are not already doing so, you can request them to do so. Most companies are willing to do this at your request.

Make it a point to avoid your corporate credit card’s cash advance feature, as this will only incur more fees and costs. You must only use the account debt when your small business needs immediate funds. Paying online for your card bills will also help you save on processing fees rather than through your local branch or by post. Bear the above points in mind and avail business credit cards, even with bad credit!

Ways on How to Get Business Training

Contrary to popular belief, business training in Ireland does not entail getting an expensive MBA degree from an Ivy League school. You don’t need to have Donald Trump as a mentor, nor do you need a whole classroom filled with students that, like you, are seeking knowledge about the business world.

Now, there are many ways to seek for training and advancement. As we all know, training can help you advance in your chosen career, help break the monotony of your job and give you better and brighter ideas to set up your own business. With training, you will gain more confidence in reaching out to the whole world through the business that you put up and serving one customer at a time.

So where can you seek for entrepreneurial training? First you can consider signing up for an open workshop. These seminars, symposia and training sessions are organized to help a large group of people by giving them tips, experiences and a guide to set up a business, know what to expect, and how to handle difficulties.

However, if you are not sure you can find a seminar near you, you can still have business training in Ireland through the internet. All you have to do is to search for training programs, podcasts, online tutorials and forums that can help you get the knowledge on business that you need. Doing so will give you more room to adjust your training schedule to whatever suits you best.

Remember that to be successful in business, you need the right tools. Getting business training will help you achieve just that. You just need to be resourceful in finding out ways how to get some training that will suit you best.