Travel Security Expert – Avoid 10 Things That Get Business Owners Kidnapped Or Killed

I’ve spent over 20 years keeping business owners, executives & VIP’s alive in 42 countries. Every threat expert knows the security risks of business owners being kidnapped; mugged & murdered overseas are increasing.

Kidnap for ransom is also a growth business sector, as is kidnap for ransom insurance or K&R Insurance. The following travel security expert tips will help raise your security awareness & minimise your personal security risks.

Travel Security Expert – Avoid 10 Things That Get Business Owners Kidnapped Or Killed #1 Under Estimating The Security Risks.

The world of business travel has changed dramatically for business owners in the aftermath of September 11th and the subsequent global war on terror. Security experts all suggest you should heighten your security awareness.

If you are a western business owner, director, executive or senior manager who travels overseas for business, then any professional security experts compiling your travel security threat assessment would designate the security risks as medium to high risk.

Contemporary professional terrorists and organised criminals understand the politics of kidnap for ransom and K&R Insurance.

Even western middle managers on an average western salary are considered lucrative kidnap for ransom targets because kidnappers know if the person is working for a large company then they are likely to pay out on the kidnap for ransom insurance policy.

Every threat expert knows the security risks for business travellers are out there, they are very real, and you should never underestimate these security risks.

Travel Security Expert – Avoid 10 Things That Get Business Owners Kidnapped Or Killed #2 Familiararity & Assumptions.

Two security awareness phrases spring to mind. Familiarity breeds contempt, and a familiar sight provokes no attention. Security experts advise that terrorist groups and organised criminals utilise these two phrases to ensure the success of their kidnap for ransom insurance business.

During several of my business protective service operations I have witnessed sane, rational and intelligent business owners lose all three of these sub conscious defensive functions the moment their aircraft lands in a foreign country.

You might think it’s a familiar sight to see an empty coke can under a nearby car in Mexico City. However to the trained eye of a threat expert the security risks indicate it could be a remote controlled improvised explosive device.

Many business owners have been killed because criminals and mafia groups brought them into familiar surroundings in which their subconscious automatically made incorrect assumptions about it being a safe environment. Soviet Bloc Mafia groups are particularly skilled in facilitating this environment.

Travel Security Expert – Avoid 10 Things That Get Business Owners Kidnapped Or Killed #3 Arrogance And Showing Off.

During my 20 plus years providing security experts and threat expert close protection for business owners and directors. I have witnessed many security risks breaches instigated by the business owner-director under my protection.

Several of these security awareness breaches were directly attributable to these business owners showing off, or being unnecessarily arrogant.

Many successful business owners have not achieved success by being a meek little wall flower. They are vocal, occasionally loud, sometimes rude and for some strange reason when in an overseas destination, occasionally downright obnoxious.

Most of these security risks problems manifest because many business owners have an enormous ego to stroke, and because many business owners talk far too much.

Organised terrorists and organised criminals involved in the kidnap for ransom insurance business have low level foot soldiers mounting target intelligence and gathering intelligence on loud mouthed, arrogant business travellers who are showing off.

Showing off and being overtly arrogant is a sure fire recipe for catching any prospective kidnappers attention.

Travel Security Expert – Avoid 10 Things That Get Business Owners Kidnapped Or Killed #4 Habitual Behaviour

All security experts and every individual threat expert will inform you that most business owners are most likely to be attacked or kidnapped when they are entering or leaving a building, or vehicle. One of the main reasons why, is because this is generally when every VIP is most vulnerable.

When working overseas your security risks increase and so your security awareness needs to increase accordingly. Make sure you alter your routes and any other habitual behaviour that terrorist and criminal surveillance operatives may pick up on.

i.e. if you are working in unfamiliar overseas location and you walk or drive to the same hotel bar every evening, then kidnappers seeking K&R Insurance finance will utilise your habitual behaviour against you.

Travel Security Expert – Avoid 10 Things That Get Business Owners Kidnapped Or Killed #5 Lack of Security Awareness & Poor Observation Skills.

Security experts and every threat expert call this lack of security awareness ‘Condition White.’ In its basic format this means the person is completely oblivious to perceived or actual security risks, threats and problems.

For people going through their day to day existence in ‘Condition White,’ their observation skills are generally poor and they are unable to recognise increased security risks and threats.

All good security awareness and counter measures should begin before you book your overseas trip. As an overseas business traveller your life is at risk and although the concept of 100% security is non-existent, there are simple security risks countermeasures which you can implement to ensure you are not presenting as a ‘Soft Target’ to criminals and kidnappers while overseas.

Travel Security Expert – Avoid 10 Things That Get Business Owners Kidnapped Or Killed #6 Overt Corporate Lifestyle.

To minimise the security risks to your personal safety while overseas it is wise not to adopt an overt corporate lifestyle.

Remember professional terrorists, organised criminals and professional kidnappers seeking a K&R Insurance payout, pay for surveillance operatives to surveil high priced, up-market western style hotels to identify travelling western business owners, especially those operating in ‘Condition White.’

For example, security awareness dictates you should never carry a business briefcase. Dress down when travelling, don’t use corporate luggage tags and stay away from the high class American and UK hotels whenever possible.

And always avoid using a sign written corporate motor pool vehicle belonging to a western business, because adopting an overt corporate lifestyle overseas is a recipe for disaster.

Travel Security Expert – Avoid 10 Things That Get Business Owners Kidnapped Or Killed #7 No Security Back Up Plan B.

All security experts or a professional threat expert organises a security awareness back up plan when mapping out the threat assessment for any VIP under their protection.

In the security risks industry this is generally referred to as ‘Plan B.’ It is not uncommon for security experts to have multiple alternative back up plans because no matter how good your security awareness plan is, Murphy’s Law always materialises to screw things up. Murphy’s Law can be summed up by the following; ‘what can go wrong will go wrong.’

Travel Security Expert – Avoid 10 Things That Get Business Owners Kidnapped Or Killed #8 Complacency.

Security experts know that complacency kills. It’s as simple, harsh and as brutal as that. Terrorists, criminals and kidnappers often strive to lull prospective targets into a false sense of security awareness, because complacency quickly follows and the victim becomes easy prey.

To really understand complacency, think about the immediate aftermath of September 11th citizens initially accepted increased and unprecedented security awareness measures at airports, marine terminals and all borders.

However in a relatively short time, complacency set in as citizens complained bitterly about being inconvienced at airport check in.

When complacency sets in, security awareness levels drop and security risks increase.

Travel Security Expert – Avoid 10 Things That Get Business Owners Kidnapped Or Killed #9 Not Trusting Your Gut Reaction

Security experts say we are all blessed with our own sub conscious defence mechanism. Civilians call it trusting your gut reaction. Security experts call it the ‘Fight or Flight Syndrome.’ Without getting too technical, we are pre-programmed for fight or flight, and it happens in the blink of an eye.

I’ve heard many a threat expert explain to security risks students that if something doesn’t quite feel right, then you should always go with your gut reaction. I agree, because despite the very best security awareness planning I’ve often had to change tack because my gut was telling me something wasn’t quite right.

Travel Security Expert – Avoid 10 Things That Get Business Owners Kidnapped Or Killed #10 No Kidnap For Ransom K&R Insurance

If ever the phrase a ‘No Brainer’ had a place in security, then it is when any business owner or traveller visits any overseas location without having a kidnap for ransom insurance policy or K&R Insurance.

K&R Insurance is no longer reserved for multi millionaires. It is an affordable business expense which should be utilised by every business owner traveller visiting any destination overseas to conduct business.

It’s not necessarily going to prevent your kidnapping, although some policies come with caveats that you must attend a security risks awareness training programme. But having K&R insurance might mean you are released safely by your kidnappers.

How to Get Business Online: Create a Mastermind Group

A mastermind group is actually a support group consisting of people from different walks of life, but in no way associated with any institution or competing businesses. The members possess their own particular know-how, skill and talents as well as experiences, but are looking for other individuals who can somehow help them achieve their goals in life. Every member of a masterminding team benefits from the other members’ viewpoints.

You can partner with a friend or a relative if you are decided to start your own mastermind group. You can start with neighbors and friends to fill out the group and start masterminding for goals that are personal in nature like losing weight or learning to bake, etc. It’ll be easy for you to find members if you start with these simple personal goals. For masterminding that’s focused on business, you can commence with the same start with the same procedure and think about friends from work, school, gym, church or any organizations, clubs and sects. Do you know someone who already achieved the same or higher level of success than you do?

To get your business online, you can do the following;

1. Seek members by running an add on
2. Utilize social media sites like LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.
3. Join local networking groups that you see on the internet.
4. Google online discussion sites and utilize them to search for members.

Mastermind teams meet on a weekly basis while some do meet-ups once a month. Calling for bi-monthly is preferred by many mastermind groups in order to keep the group focused and become more responsive which can be very hard to achieve if you only meet with the group every two or three months. but there is really no hard and fast rule. Mastermind groups that regularly meet more than once a week works best for a team and if and when they are helping and supporting each other on a certain project, they can even meet on a daily basis.

Mastermind partnerships meet via the following.

1. Face-to-face
2. Teleconferencing and Webinar services
3. Instant Messaging or through Facebook messaging

Forming a mastermind partnerships allows you the option to meet-up with people from different industries or limit your circle within your industry which is a lot easier because there’s a better appreciation of what it is that you all do and therefore easy to form strategic partnerships and alliances as well as possible sharing of resources.
Never make a mistake of getting your business online and seek for diverse industry mastermind group members, especially when you are just starting.

Okay, perhaps you are already a pro in your field of industry when you started making a research on how to get business online and it must be the reason for deciding to form a mastermind group that’ll consist of members from different industries, but make sure you are all comfortable enough to freely share your weaknesses as well as your ideas to possible competitors.

Five Ways to Get Business Start-Up Funding

Getting start-up capital can be a challenging process as your business prepares to take its first small steps. No matter how great of a business idea you have in order to turn that idea into reality by launching your business you will need business financing.

How do you go about getting the money you need to start-up your business? There are a lot of ways to get the capital you need for your business and you only limited by limits of your own creativity. But here are five ways to help you get business funding to help you business get your business started:

1. A Personal Loan: If you have fairly good credit you can probably get a personal loan to get your business up and going. Many small businesses have been started with personal loans. But it might not be a good idea to tell them that you will use the loan to start a business because they might send you to their business loan department.

2. Family and Friends: You make be able to borrow the money you need for your business from your family and friends, or you can give them an equity stake in your business. And you should be business like in your dealings with them by providing a copy of your business plan and putting everything in writing.

3. Credit Cards: If you have or can obtain several credit cards you can get a cash advance on them then use the money to start your business. So if you have, for example, three credit cards with a line of credit of $10,000 each you could quickly raise $30,000 for your business to get it up and rolling fast. However, before you use credit cards be sure that you can earn enough profits to maintain the payments until you can pay them off.

4. SBA Micro Loans: A micro loan is a loan where the SBA provides loan money to intermediary nonprofit agencies such as Community Development Agencies and similar kinds of agencies which are in every community. These nonprofits then make these loans to deserving businesses in their respective communities. You can borrow $5,000 to $35,000 with the micron loan program, and it is well worth checking into to see if you can qualify which should not be too hard to do if you have a fairly decent credit rating.

5. Angel Investors: Angel investors are individuals with large amounts of excess capital that they love to invest in promising business ideas, which will make them even more money. An angel investment is an equity share in your business, so before you approach angel investors know how much you are willing to give up, and have a good business plan.

With a good business idea and a good business plan you can get the money you need to get your small business operations off to a good start. These five ways that we covered are just some of the many ways to finance your business start-up, of course, there are many more ways.

But the key point here is that whatever way you decide to fund the first few steps of your business it can be done successfully, and the only limits you have are the limits of your own creativity which is unlimited. Now use this article to help you get the capital you need to turn your great business idea into a profit making machine.

Get Busy?

Have you ever said “It’s time to get busy?” Do you believe in the old saying that “Idle hands do the devil’s work?” Do you think that keeping yourself busy all the time is the way it should be?

Projects in life, whether little or big, at a job or at home, or involving physical or mental activities, are very important to your emotional and intellectual balance. However, filling up every second of every hour of your life with something to do just to be busy all the time, creates an unbalancing counterpart, a sense of restlessness and the feeling that something is always hanging there, without knowing what it is.

I was raised like many other kids of my generation in Ecuador. I often heard two Spanish sayings (I’ll try to translate them to the best of my ability), “The devil inhabits lazy minds,” and “Laziness is the mother of all vices.” These phrases haunted me for many years, keeping me in an cloud of guilt. Anytime I was just doing nothing during the day – except for the scheduled time for siesta – I felt so inappropriate, so sinful.

I do believe that our minds need stimulation and I also believe that a state of persistent laziness is destructive, like all extremes. However, the idea that life should be based on continuous action, movement, working, studying – this is just plainly insane.

My grandmother was visiting us recently. She is a 76 year old, very energetic lady that needs to be busy, to have a project every single minute of her day. She was trained that way and her mother was too and so on. This is all she knows and she actually has stated she doesn’t want to change.

The problem is that so many years of that pattern has given her a false sense that life is only right when lived in that way. Sadly, this modus operandi has caused the development in her of a sense of permanent uneasiness. Hers is a busy body-mind going onward looking for the next thing that it is “absolutely necessary to do”.

Yes, in daily life there are things that need to be done, but there are also many that can wait. This is not a matter of procrastination, but a matter of taking care of your own sanity, and of respecting that essential time for just doing nothing. Why not lay on your couch or your bed and breath, or lay on the grass or the sand, feel the breeze, and hear the birds?

Forget about the dishes that need to be washed or the letters that need to be mailed, or all those papers that are due. Just relax like your dog or your cat relax. After all, we are animals too. Why not get busy doing nothing?