Getting Business Loans From Private Lenders

Many people feel uncomfortable working with banks and other financial institutions. Due to the massive economic fallout over the past four years, many individuals prefer to do business with other individuals as it relates to their business borrowing needs. However, it should be noted that when you receive a business loan from a private investor that the interest rates associated with this type of capital is much higher than that of traditional bank financing. If you are consistently having issues as it relates to business loans, you may want to investigate obtaining a Small Business Administration loan. This government organization provides a guarantee on a bank loan provided to you by a financial institution.

When you are seeking a private investor loan, you are going to need to have a promissory note in place. This document is the legal agreement between you and the private funding source. You should have your attorney review a promissory note thoroughly to make sure that it falls in line with all lending laws that are applicable in your state. You should always make sure that there are no clauses that require you to provide a personal guarantee for the loan. Another clause that you should make sure is excluded is whether or not the private investor can take control of your business or attempt to take shares of your company. This has been a common issue when individual businesses work with individual investors as it relates to private investor loans.

In closing, getting business loans from private lenders is a difficult process. However, once all of the necessary information is provided to these outside funding sources, you can expect that a lending decision will be made within one week. This is typically much faster than the responses that are given by private investment firms, banks, and the Small Business Administration. We strongly recommend as well that you work closely with your certified public accountant as it relates to producing the necessary financial statements and credit application that will be submitted to a private lender. In order to further your case for receiving a private lender loan, you should submit a full and complete business plan that will showcase the operations of your business, what you intend to do with the loan proceeds, the products and services that you will offer, as well as a complete market analysis regarding your business. We are going to continue to discuss how you can develop a business plan specific for a private lender as time progresses.

Your Profile Will Set the Stage for Using Social Networking to Get Business

It’s pretty easy to know how to use a social networking site to socialize and connect with people who have similar interests. It’s tougher to use social networking to get business and to increase sales. Yet when done properly, using social networks to get business is very effective.

Your very first step in getting business is to create a business profile. This will set the stage, the first impression and the environment/nature of your social media account. What you post at your profile will let people know if you are there to strictly socialize at a personal level or if you’re there for professional reasons. What you post, upload and share with your connections should reveal a professional-personable you.

Think about using your social networking account to advertise and market your brand. Picture your account similar to a newspaper ad, a t.v. commercial, a press release, an ad in Yellow Pages, etc. because it is. Yet take caution. Don’t just start typing out information and uploading photos without having a strategy. Make a plan of who your target audience/target market is and what your brand is. This should already be done when you created your business and can be fine tuned when you create your social marketing. If you have not thought about your brand and who your target audience is then now is the time to do so.

You must determine your business needs to help develop a social networking strategy. It’s quite different with online dating or casual networking. With the latter two, you can just talk casually about similar interest such as jobs, school, hobbies, and favorite movies. But using social networking to gain business requires that you determine what your business needs to accomplish. Will you offer products and/or services? Are you trying to network and make many new connections in order to gain more publicity? Are you looking for new employees? Is your goal to find people to collaborate with? Are you online to find investors?

Determine carefully who you connect with too. If people are posting things that aren’t too professional or are not supportive of your business goals and image, then there is no need to have them as your connection. For instance, if you sell hiking boots and you connect with a competitor who posts how much better his boots are, then block and delete. This sounds silly and too common sense but there are many people and businesses that don’t pay attention to what is being said on their social networking wall.

Be sure to present a professional-personable image. You want to be business-y but not all business. Show some personality too so that your connections will know that there is a human behind the business and that they aren’t just dollar signs. Some “Hello. How are you?”, some quotes, and jokes are just a few ways to put in a little personable with lots of professional.

Stop Being Angry That Your Wife Cheated and Get Busy Working to Save Your Marriage Instead

It’s easy to focus on the anger you’re feeling now that your know your wife has been cheating. If you aren’t careful it will burn you up inside and completely consume you. A cheating wife might seem like the end of your world or the end of your marriage to say the least. But, it doesn’t have to be the end for either. If you aren’t ready to let go of your marriage there is no reason why you can’t get busy working to save your marriage instead of being consumed by hurt and anger over your wife’s cheating.

  1. Practice Forgiveness. It really does get better and better with practice. If your wife’s cheating is just a little too much for you to forgive right now, consider beginning with something a little smaller. Start small and work your way up to forgiving the big stuff that isn’t quite so easy to move beyond. The more you do it, the better you will become at it. An added bonus is that you’ll learn how to forgive yourself somewhere along the way and that is the most difficult of all lessons for some people to learn.
  2. Stop Blaming Yourself. Part of the anger you feel over the fact that your wife cheated is because you feel responsible. The truth of the matter is that no matter how she justifies the deed or tries to turn the blame around on you, she is the one who cheated. That doesn’t mean that you are completely blameless but it also doesn’t mean that all the fault is yours. There is no one that is perfect in any marriage. Remember that and stop being angry with yourself so that you can focus on ways to stop being angry with your wife as well.
  3. Make Your Choice. Another reason that men in your situation often remain angry for quite a while is that they are focused on being angry and not on deciding what they really want. It’s time to decide whether you want to leave your wife or save your marriage. Once you make that crucial decisions you can begin making plans and moving forward – leaving the anger behind. Just making the decision will lift some of the weight off your shoulders and relieve some of the stress that only exacerbates your anger. Once you stop feeling anger over the fact that your wife cheated you can really begin to move on and either save your marriage or walk away without anger weighing you down.

Relationship Marketing And Getting Business: Vital Principles For Sales

We’re swamped with messages and interaction from Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn and more social networks every day. I must get about 3-4 messages every day from someone wanting me to join their LinkedIn or other social network system. Some of these people I don’t even know. I might have met them, but I don’t know them and there is a big difference. There is no solid foundation on which to build a relationship. Meeting someone once at a Chamber of Commerce meeting and swapping cards does not a strong relationship make!

Relationship Marketing is the key for building your business. People listen to those they respect. The concept of trusted advisor is a buzzword we hear a lot today and it is profoundly important. You want to do those things that help you become that trusted advisor. This takes time and you have to take time to make it work. It is not a quick fix. Like exercise you have to practice it regularly for best results.

Trying to build a relationship too fast is like going into an unknown town and hoping to get a lot of close friends real fast. You have to do the right things in the right way over a period of time to get results. You’re building trust. This takes time and it can’t be rushed.

I suggested a few items to the gentleman I met the other day as he seemed like a sincere, good person and I wanted to help him. Here are some of those suggestions and a few extra for good measure that you can implement.

Ways To Build Trust

Build Trust As An Expert. Relationship Marketing is more than just being nice and friendly. You have to have something that is valuable to the other person. Do your homework and become an expert in an area in which people need assistance and need problems solved.

Be Consistently Dependable. Everyone can be good for the first meeting. However, it is the subsequent meetings and the little things that matter most. A true professional is consistent and dependable throughout a relationship.

Provide Value First. Think of it like priming an old-fashioned water pump. You have to put water in first before any comes back. Be the one who gives something of value to the other person to initiate the relationship. One of the best ways to provide value is to get business for them. To do that, learn about what they provide and see if you can generate business for them. That will get their attention and most people will want to reciprocate in some way.

Write Valuable Articles In A Place They Respect. Write articles for your target market in magazines, Blogs and papers they respect and read. Become well known to important buyers and influencers and you’ll stand out above the crowd. You build trust in relationships by being the authority. Be the Go To person in your field.

Speak To Your Target Market. Use public speaking opportunities to get your message promulgated. Many groups meet and are looking for high-quality speakers. Focus on solving their problems and helping them, not promoting your business when you speak. If you help them think, make them laugh, and let them learn, they will come to you and want to have you help them.

Put Your Message On YouTube As A Video. Hey, if you’ve got serious value for the market and you’re really good, get the message out there to people. Let the marketplace judge what you have to offer. This is great test marketing. This is a great way to objectively find out what people like and where you should focus your efforts.

Go Beyond Relationship Marketing To Value Creation. Too many people have read a book or two about handing out cards, taking someone to lunch or calling on the phone to pick their brain.Ugh! Instead, figure out ways to add value for the other person. Get them business. Solve a problem they have. This value creation on your part will go a long way to establish, build and maintain relationships. From that you can create a bountiful stream of income for your business.